Responding to the need for a more effective way to communicate with employees, Patricia has been researching and recommending digital signage solutions for internal communications that work within budgets, resources and IT firewall constraints in healthcare settings.

Strategically placed flat panel LCD screens, a presence on the intranet and a tie in to the legacy patient information channel is one system she designed that is populated with informative, dynamic, targeted headlines and images that reach the “What’s in it for me?” quickly for viewers.

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Patricia Mitrano Earns Competent Communicator and Leader (CC and CL) Designations from Toastmasters International

Patricia completed 10 wide-ranging presentations as part of Toastmasters' Communication and Leadership program. Each presentation had a specific objective  focusing on speech organization, vocal variety, gestures and visuals. CL status involves performing club duties in the form of treasurer, meeting chair, contest planner and new member mentor.

Patricia is a member of Conquerors Toastmasters which is part of Toastmasters International, the worldwide public speaking organization that has helped millions develop their communication and leadership skills. For further information on Toastmasters, visit toastmasters.org

 Patricia Mitrano placed first runner up with a speech entitled “The Language of Color.”

Patricia Mitrano, Director of Visual Communications at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, NJ,  recently competed in an International Speech Contest at an area Toastmasters Club and placed first runner up with a speech entitled “The Language of Color.” Toastmasters encourages their members to stretch their personal goals while speaking about topics they know. Mitrano’s speech about color was appropriate as she is a professional graphic designer and digital signage program manager at her institution, constantly having to make color choices.

The event took place March 24, 2010 at Summit Toastmasters in Summit NJ. As Mitrano’s first competition representing her club, The Conquerors from Union. NJ, she stated “It was a great learning experience and a terrific win for the club!” Mitrano would especially like to thank Terry Viney, principal of Plus Factor in Millburn, NJ, for being her coach for this competition.  His mentoring was crucial in providing her with the additional confidence to represent Conquerors in this successful way.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that offers club members a proven way to practice communication and leadership skills. A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop where members hone their skills in a supportive atmosphere. Members learn communication skills related to the use of humor, gestures, eye contact, speech organization and overall delivery. Members also learn leadership skills by performing roles during meetings and serving as club officers.

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